We provide Heating & AC repair for all brands of Air Conditioning and Heating Systems.

We love AC repair work and installing heating and cooling equipment in the residential sector, but we also specialize in commercial AC repair and climate control.

You have enough to worry about with your usual bills. You shouldn’t have to worry about the headache of an inefficient or non functioning HVAC system.

Call us today and we’ll diagnose the problems with your HVAC systems, your ducting and whatever your needs are. We can work with you to create a solution for your heating and cooling usage.

Our desire is to continue working with you to maintain your system and keep everything functioning as it should! We want to do more than sell you a system. We want to establish a lifelong relationship.

AC Repair & Duct Work

Your ducting and venting play an extremely vital role in the performance of your heating and cooling system. It is hugely important to be vigilant in keeping your ducts and vents clean and functioning properly. In doing so, you can avoid expensive AC repair and other pitfalls in the future.

In addition to routine maintenance of your system and its parts, we are available to make any necessary AC repairs to your HVAC system.

Regular maintenance is often one of the most neglected and least thought about links in the heating and cooling equipment chain. If not taken care of properly, it can bring about huge problems over time.

We also offer an SEA (Safety and Efficiency) agreement to maintain your heating and air conditioning for $189.00 per year for the first system and $105.00 (each) for any additional systems. The price includes a spring check, a fall check, a new pleated filter each time, a 15% repair discount during agreement, cleaners, and lubricants.

Water Heaters

There is a vast array of water heater issues you may encounter. We are well-equipped to handle any such situation in a timely and cost-effective manner.

A water heater bursting can be a miserable experience. It can result in the damaging of your valuables and your home or business itself. If this happens to you, give us a call immediately so we can help you put the pieces back together!

Perhaps your situation is less urgent, but you would like to upgrade your water heater to a tankless model or just one that is newer and more energy efficient. If that is you, call us today!

We will come to you and walk you through the options, the costs, and the entire process from start to finish. Stop putting it off and have J&K come out and get the ball rolling!

Gas Logs and Other Gas Appliances

A gas fireplace and gas heating, in general, can both be wonderful luxuries. Gas heating can also be a great way to save money monthly on your energy bill.

Do you know what the difference is between vented and unvented gas logs? What about whether or not you can use ventless gas logs in a vented fireplace? Do you know what size gas logs you will need? Do gas logs need a vent?

This is just the tip of the iceberg in regard to the important ins and outs of a gas fireplace. Do not take chances. Hire a professional!

We can come in and give your current setup a helping hand, or we can install a new system or setup from the ground up!

Commercial Ice Machines

There are many different types of commercial ice machines. From freestanding to under-counter to self-dice to full-dice to modular to indoor or outdoor — we will install it for you!

While it may seem like a mundane or inane process, installing an ice machine brings along with it many considerations. There are many policies and procedures to consider, as well as a bevy of other items you may not even think about.

If you are going to install a commercial ice machine, it is best to have a licensed and insured professional do the job for you. Otherwise, you may end up paying considerably more (and regretting it) in the long-run.

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Since 1989, J&K has provided 24hr heating and cooling comfort for the vast Hampton Roads community.

Typically speaking, we all tend to take for granted the concept of being (and staying) comfortable in our own home or business facilities.

One of the quickest and most inconvenient ways for this to come to the forefront and become a HUGE issue is for your heating and/or cooling system to malfunction or go down altogether!

For over 29 years, we have been committed to providing the absolute best care and service for our customers, their families, their homes and their businesses.

Our goal is to effectively and proficiently diagnose your issue, come up with a solution that will restore order and save you money over time and will allow you to go back to your everyday life.

When you call J&K, you get the benefit of our experience coupled with an insatiable desire to keep our customers satisfied and comfortable. If you are not happy, we are not happy.

J&K Heating and Cooling provides reliable AC repair to residents of Yorktown, Newport News, Hampton, and surrounding Hampton Roads areas. Call us today at 757-877-7277. You will be glad you did!